Fr. Raymond G. Helmick, S.J.

Esteemed Theologian, Educator and Peacemaker . . .

Conference Papers

“Psychodynamics of Conflict in Northern Ireland and the Middle East,” for the Third International Conference on Psychological Stress and Adjustment in Times of War and Peace, Tel Aviv, January 1983.  This conference followed after the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982.  Most of the speakers were Morale Officers of Israeli military units which had experienced, for the first time in their history, extensive conscientious objection and refusal of military units to follow orders they found repulsive.  There were a few papers on how to stop smoking or manage your divorce (psychological stress and adjustment in times of peace), but most were on the Lebanon war, and treated the psychological stress as objections to the war and adjustment as becoming reconciled to the war.  Mine was the only paper that treated the inclination to war and violence as the stress and the adjustment as overcoming that inclination, as was noted by the other participants.

“The Context of Group Identifications and their Conflicts: A Four-Factor Theory of the Dynamic of Conflict,” for the International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights Conference on Reconciliation between Populations, Vienna, September, 1996.

“Restorative Justice,” for the Boston Theological Institute’s Restorative Justice Workshop, March, 1999.