Esteemed Theologian, Educator and Peacemaker . . .




  • ​​“Will it be Hamas that makes Peace with Israel?” - Address to the Middle East Seminar, directed by Professor Herbert Kelman for the Weatherhead Institute, Harvard University, report on visit to Khalid Mish’al, November 9, 2006.​





  • Readiness to Hear One Another” - Keynote Address at the Niamh Conference, Belfast, Northern Ireland, Journey Towards Healing, “Trauma and Spirituality: An International Dialogue,” March 9, 2011.  The conference was otherwise held at the Europa Hotel in Belfast, but this Welcoming Address was given in The Great Hall, Parliament Building, Stormont.


  • Pathways for Reconciliation” - Assisi Conference of Ecclesiastical Investigations, “Where We Dwell in Common: pathways for Dialogue in the 21st Century,” April 20, 2012.



  • Religious factors in the Diplomacy of Violent Conflicts” - Address to the conference on “International Politics, Diplomacy and Religion” held in Fiesole by the European University Institute, May 5, 2015.  Other speakers at this conference were all diplomats (ambassadors, senior advisors to foreign ministries, NGO heads).  Unable to attend in person for reasons of heath, but the address and full discussion were held nevertheless by Skype.

  • ​“The Nuremberg Race Laws” - Conference on Law, Ethics and the Third Reich, Boston College, March 10, 2015.

Address, “A Sense of Resurrection: Recovery in the Catholic Church,” Ecclesiastical Investigations Conference, “Vatican II - Remembering the Future: Ecumenical, Interfaith and Secular Perspectives on the Council’s Impact and promise.”  Follow-up to the Helmick book, The Crisis of Confidence in the Catholic Faith (Volume 17 of the series Ecclesiastical Investigations, Bloomsbury, 1914).  Unable to attend because of hospitalization, but the talk will appear among the published conference papers.


Fr. Raymond G. Helmick, S.J.